Bahar Dental Laboratory produces porcelain teeth for both aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. If necessary, we can produce porcelains that can be used with metal infrastructure as metal-ceramic and as metal-free or full-porcelain teeth if no infrastructure is required.

Zirconium oxide, used as the material for the dental infrastructure in Bahar Dental Porcelain, is a hard substructure material called zirconia and can create the infrastructure of the desired porcelain teeth by forming zirconia blocks with CAD-CAM technology in computer-aided milling machines.

The translucency of metal-free ceramics or zirconium used as infrastructure material contributes to a more natural perception and aesthetic visuality of porcelain teeth.

Porcelain teeth that do not turn yellow, do not cause odour and, with their texture-friendly properties, do not cause allergies, are the preferred method of application in all areas today.