About Us

Bahar Dental was founded in 2002 by Aret SUSAM and has managed to develop its business principle and service concept into a fully integrated professional dental production laboratory of the modern day.

Bahar Dental closely follows the evolving technology in order to guarantee the quality of its services and has equipped its experienced staff with the latest technology and renewed equipment. In addition to this, by sending its technician staff to many important courses and seminars in Turkey and abroad, it has enabled them to be in continuous development and still continues to send participants to every new training program.

Bahar Dental has always been a pioneer in hygiene. All consumables used in the dental laboratory are CE certified. Products that do not meet this quality standard are not used in our laboratory, and our work, our health and therefore your health are definitely not put at risk.

Bahar Dental, with its dynamic structure and understanding that emphasizes quality, has carried out many projects since 2002 and continues to do so, and has come much closer to its goal of becoming a world brand from its base in Istanbul.

Our Service Principles

▸ Quality-oriented production
▸ Adhering to hygiene rules
▸ ÜDelivery on time
▸ Warranty guarantee after delivery

Packaging and Shipping

▸ Electronic production phase monitoring
▸ Preparing products on time
▸ Packaging and wrapping suitable for transportation
▸ DLogistics in the right conditions
▸ Accurate time delivery
▸ Post-delivery check

Our Production Facility

▸ Plaster and digital dental infrastructure department
▸ Porcelain tooth production department
▸ Movable – immovable prosthesis department
▸ State-of-the-art machinery

After Sales

▸ Archiving of production and delivery information of all our products
▸ Solving all problems arising from the production at the right time
▸ Stocking sufficient raw materials against problems that may occur in the future